May 2019 - Troplandis - M79 booth at VITAFOODS 2019

Tropandis has a successful exhibition at Vitafoods in Geneva.  They present their refined vegetable proteases as papain and bromelain



Natural extracts were used since centuries worldwide in different cultures to improve the health of people. We will trade the benefit of these active natural ingredients.


Troplandis - now official representative of JAVAPLANT in EUROPE

October 2014 :

 Troplandis becomes the official representative for whole Europe for the State-of- the- Art  extraction company JAVAPLANT in the cultural town of Solo in Central Java - Indonesia.  Javaplant is specialized in standardized botanical extracts by water and water/ethanol extraction.  JAVAPLANT is producing also customer tailor-made extracts.   JAVAPLANT is certified NSF registered GMP, ISO certified, US FDA registered, C-TPAT  compliant and Kosher and Halal.  We are very strong in Cinnamon, Ginger, Curcuma (Xanthorrhizol) , Coffee Fruit and Tongkat Ali  extracts.  Javaplant continues to invest and wants to become the world player of South East Asia for tropical botanical extracts.   If you have special demands or requirements, we try to find a solution !